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Day: July 27, 2003

Stratify Announces Discovery System 3.0

Stratify, Inc. announced availability of Stratify Discovery System 3.0. Stratify Discovery System 3.0 combines transparent search, integrated categorization and entity recognition (such as people, locations and organizations) with taxonomy management capabilities. Discovery System 3.0 users can now leverage analytical capabilities that provide customized reports summarizing business critical information embedded in unstructured data, as well as visual discovery tools for advanced analysis and data mining. To ensure that Discovery System 3.0 is transparent to end-users it now includes a series of administrative usability and workflow enhancements to the Stratify Taxonomy Manager, Stratify’s interface for managing all phases of the taxonomy lifecycle. Within the Taxonomy Manager a new security architecture integrates with enterprise identity management environments (i.e. LDAP and Active Directory) to provide granular control over taxonomies and topics. The new Stratify Discovery System v3.0 is available Q3 2003.

Hummingbird Renews Licenses of Inxight Technology

Hummingbird Ltd. has renewed its licensing agreements of Inxight Software’s natural language processing platform, LinguistX Platform and Inxight’s document summarization technology, Inxight Summarizer. The inclusion of Inxight’s technology for understanding text at its most granular level provides Hummingbird Enterprise customers with multilingual search capabilities in 21 languages. Inxight Summarizer provides an intelligent solution to many problems inherent to online searches. The solution generates abstracts of any document in a fraction of a second, enabling users to scan large sets of information faster than reading the entire text.,

Ektron Releases CMS300 3.0 & WebImageFX

Ektron released Ektron CMS300 version 3.0. This version of Ektrons XML content management solution includes a new online image editor, Ektron WebImageFX, (a full-featured browser-based tool for image manipulation,) along with new Calendar and Forms Modules. WebImageFX delivers functionality similar to commonly used Windows-based graphics applications (blur, brightness, sharpen, crop, erase, draw, rotate/flip, zoom, lines, shapes, text, etc.) With Ektrons Calendar Module and Forms Module, users can create, use and manage an unlimited number of event calendars or forms within Web sites or browser-based applications. Calendar presentation parameters can be specified (height and width, viewable weekend dates, etc.,) and colors and fonts can be controlled by stylesheets. Hyperlinks are added to content within the calendar. The Forms Module delivers a new forms toolbar built into Ektron eWEP+XML. Users can create forms-based interfaces with any number of elements (drop down lists, check boxes, radio buttons, text area fields, etc.) Developers add a calendar or form by inserting a single tag into a Web page.

jCatalog & Commerce One Announce Strategic Relationship

jCatalog Software AG announced a strategic relationship with Commerce One. The relationship establishes Commerce One as a global reseller for the jCatalog BuyFast solutions for procurement, MarketFast solutions for marketplaces and SellFast solutions for manufacturers and suppliers. jCatalog Software AG is a developer of catalog management, product information management (PIM) and cross media catalog publishing software.,

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