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Day: July 20, 2003

iManage Announces Partnership with Entology

iManage, Inc. announced a new partnership with Entology. Entology serves a global 1000 client base, and has a presence in the investment banking, pharmaceutical and real estate markets. Under its agreement with iManage, Entology will now act as resellers of the iManage WorkSite MP solution in the enterprise space.

Interwoven Launches Interwoven 6

Interwoven Inc. announces the launch of Interwoven 6, their latest content management platform release. Interwoven 6 is “open” to all existing corporate data sources, “dynamic” to manage code and content simultaneously, “smart” to intelligently enrich content with metadata and “fast” with its technology and components. TeamSite 6.0 introduces ContentCenter – designed for fast user adoption. ContentCenter empowers all users to contribute and collaborate on content including business contributors, power users and technical developers. ContentCenter Standard (for business users) and ContentCenter Professional (for power users and technical developers)interfaces reduce the learning curve. Interwoven 6 also delivers a new customization framework – ContentServices UI Toolkit. Also, Interwoven 6 delivers a Services Oriented Architecture based on Web Services standards – Interwoven ContentServices SDK 2.0 – to enable fast and flexible integration with business applications in the enterprise. In addition, Interwoven introduced an enterprise compliance framework, “Interwoven Protect,” designed to address internal governance controls and external regulatory mandates related to the creation, collaboration, and disclosure of corporate information.

Alfa-XP Web Software Announces Microportals.NET

Alfa-XP Web Software Company announced Microportals.NET, a “portal-on-demand” Web application hosting service that offers everything needed to design and operate microportal solutions in real-time, in a reliable secure environment totally controlled by the user. It is built on the latest Microsoft .NET technologies and on XML. This service is intended for users whose needs have out grown basic, simplistic Web hosting but who cannot afford high-priced content management or collaboration suites. Users can open an account and create their own microportal in a matter of minutes. Templates and wizards are provided to guide users in customization. Administration tools are made for business users, and allow for intranet or extranet setup and user management, including defining access rights for various user groups (roles), folders, pages and even individual content objects within a particular Web page. accounts include a gallery of XML-compliant, reusable WebSnippets that can be customized. Additional galleries are available for workflow management, Web syndication, group collaboration, data collection, transformation and warehousing, analysis and reporting (data mining), business process modeling, and e-commerce. Pricing starts at $20 per month for a personal edition and ranges to $25,000 per year for a 250-license enterprise edition.

Authentica Introduces PageRecall 3.1

Authentica, Inc. introduced PageRecall 3.1, the latest version of its secure document solution that leverages Authentica’s rights management technology to protect documents both during and after distribution. PageRecall enables organizations to share sensitive and valuable content without giving up control – it ensures that the content is always secure no matter where it is distributed or stored. PageRecall 3.1 adds distributed policy management flexibility, support for Single Sign-On authentication, fast Web viewing, enhanced certificate integration with government environments, screen capture applications defeated, support for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and multiple deployment options.

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