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Day: July 15, 2003

Top Image Announces Partnership with Documentum

Top Image Systems, Ltd. announced that is has become a technology partner of Documentum. Top Image Systems (TiS) provides an automated data capture solution, the eFLOW platform, that integrates data from multiple sources and of different types, such as invoices, freight and shipping bills, purchase orders and others, and by delivering the extracted data to enterprise applications such as document and content management, ERP, or CRM. Through the application connecting agents, eFLOW’s Content Delivery module exports data to XML, text files, MS-SQL format, or to the common and standard format ASCII, and additionally exports both B/W and color images. The Export module is open, including hooks that allow any required manipulation of the exported file names. eFLOW is incapable of ‘losing’ form pages, due to the system’s image handling, which maintains all images in the multi-TIFF format.

activePDF & Percussion Partner

activePDF Inc announced a partnership with Percussion Software. According to the terms of the new agreement, activePDF will provide PDF conversion and manipulation functionality for Rhythmyx 5. Rhythmyx users can benefit from using activePDF technology to further streamline their document-automation processes. By leveraging activePDF’s PDF-conversion functionality, Rhythmyx enables businesses to standardize their document format for distribution and storage, without requiring additional end-user training or costly desktop-based PDF conversion tools. activePDF also provides tools for PDF manipulation, offering functionalities for dynamic PDF form-filling and stamping of text and images on PDF documents. activeDPF is available today for Rhythmyx’s Document Management Module and Web Content Management Module. Rhythmyx customers may purchase activePDF directly from Percussion Software.,

Corel & Xcential Provide XML Tools for Legislation Creation

Corel Corporation and Xcential Group, LLC announced a partnership to provide government customers an XML application specifically designed for the creation, amendment and delivery of legislation. Xcential’s LegisPro is built upon the Corel XMetaL platform to create an environment that improves efficiency and reduces the costs associated with creating and maintaining legislation and regulations. The solution ensures all XML documents are valid, allowing editors to focus on the content of the measures rather than the markup users can write valid XML content without ever seeing a tag. Moreover, it enables government customers to easily automate the publishing process.,

COAST Partners with Documentum

COAST Software Inc., has formally partnered with Documentum, as a Documentum Technology Partner. COAST Software will work with Documentum to implement solutions that help streamline the Web publishing process for global organizations. Customers can automate the verification of content and ensure corporate Web site standards for quality, privacy, accessibility and operational security are maintained. COAST Web Quality Central is a standalone solution that allows organizations to continually monitor their Web sites with customized scans and scripts. Integrated into the Documentum workflow, these scans and scripts can automatically verify an author’s content and provide immediate feedback if any quality or corporate compliance standards are violated.,

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