Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd. announced the availability of HASP DocSeal, a new digital document protection system based on Aladdin’s HASP security key hardware. HASP DocSeal is a hardware-based system for protecting intellectual property and sensitive information. It is a solution for companies that need to provide their employees and/or customers with access to confidential information, yet want to protect that information from being mass distributed. HASP DocSeal allows the encryption of HTML documents, ensuring the information is safe and secure and restricted from unauthorized access and duplication. The new HASP DocSeal system delivers document security within a framework incorporating security of Aladdin’s HASP USB or parallel port key, an automatic file encrypting tool, and an integrated viewer. Because the DocSeal system permits the assigning of unique IDs, users can conveniently target specific documents to specific users. HASP DocSeal incorporates Digital Rights Management technologies from C.D.I. Systems Ltd.