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Day: June 2, 2003

Easypress Releases Atomik Roundtrip 1.5

Easypress Technologies released Atomik Roundtrip 1.5, its XML software for QuarkXPress. The enhancements include support for attribute-driven and contextual rules along with QuarkXPress special control characters. The combination of these features enables Atomik Roundtrip to further automate the application of styling based on specific information contained in the XML. Atomik Roundtrip now includes character entity mapping to enable better support for scientific, medical and technical (STM) publications. This new functionality enables users to import XML into QuarkXPress and have Atomik Roundtrip automatically interpret any entity references in the XML and map them to the appropriate font and character in QuarkXPress. It can also do this in reverse if the user re-exports the XML from QuarkXPress. There is now a QuarkXPress 5 native version of Atomik Roundtrip. The suggested retail price for a single-user licence of Atomik Roundtrip is Pounds 3,495, $4,495 or Euro 5,495, and for a 5-user licence of Atomik Roundtrip is Pounds 9,950, $16,119 or Euro 15,423 depending on the country of purchase. Existing Atomik Roundtrip customers with software maintenance agreements will receive the 1.5 upgrade free of charge.

Mondosoft Enhances BehaviorTracking

Mondosoft announced enhancements to its third generation search activity and visitor behavior reporting software, BehaviorTracking. BehaviorTracking 5.1 offers insight into web site visitors’ behavior and identifies new trends on the web site, and new content demands. It gives a picture of the site performance, success in meeting users’ expectations as well as a number of success metrics. The information is available online and sent directly with individual content to the inboxes of management, marketing, and web editors. BehaviorTracking 5.1 was built using .NET technology and has been integrated and tested to support Microsoft’s Enterprise server product suite. Along with the BehaviorTracking enhancements, Mondosoft offers an InformationManager tool kit that use search best practice metrics, to apply findings from the search and visitor behavior data for continual site tuning and optimization.

Cardiff Announces LiquidOffice Connect Agents for IBM Content Manager

Cardiff Software Inc. announced the general availability of two Cardiff LiquidOffice Connect Agents for IBM Content Manager for Multiplatforms V8.2 and for iSeries V5R1. The Connect Agents enable LiquidOffice eForms to be automatically sent to IBM Content Manager systems for archival or additional workflow processing. The Connect Agents were developed by ImageTech Systems Inc. using LiquidOffice’s Connect Agent API. The new Connect Agents enable LiquidOffice users to export completed HTML and PDF forms and related attachments into IBM Content Manager systems. LiquidOffice forms exported into IBM Content Manager’s centralized document repository are indexed and archived in PDF along with any attachments in their native format. Once archived, users can conduct searches to retrieve a requested form.,

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