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Day: May 20, 2003

WindFire Announces Support for EMC Centera

WindFire Technology announced it has entered into an agreement with EMC Corporation to integrate the companys Xtorm enterprise information management (EIM) suite with the EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS) solution. EMC Centera is designed to address the information storage requirements of any structured or unstructured data. WindFires Xtorm EIM suite comprises enterprise content management, business process management and virtual repository management applications. Developed on a J2EE, XML and Unicode foundation, the integrated suite is designed to be embedded into existing business applications. WindFire is now shipping its integration adapter for the EMC Centera CAS solution, which provides a direct and bi-directional communication layer with Xtorm.

Cintra Announces MASmedia V.3

Cintra Corporation UK announced MASmedia V.3, the latest release of Cintra’s Smart Enterprise Suite comprising web-enabled modules that deliver Digital Asset Management, Document Management, Enterprise Content Management and Workflow in one integrated solution. Cintra is primarily targeting MASmedia at medium to large enterprise marketing departments and marketing agencies. Typically, these will be companies with large branch, dealer, distributor or partner networks such as those found in the automotive, retail, manufacturing and financial services industries. Serving as a digital media hub, MASmedia enhances collaborative working by providing integration with partners and suppliers. MASmedia provides an environment where authorised users in agencies and remote offices can access marketing assets without jeopardising sensitive corporate data. Through a branded web interface, users can communicate with other (Internal or External) team members in a “virtual workspace” that enables them to speed the deployment of marketing campaigns and product launches, while safeguarding brand authenticity. MASmedia is available now under licence or as a managed Application Server Provider (ASP) through Cintra.

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