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Documentum Announces “Training Without Travel”

Documentum announced several training options that provide the benefits of classroom training without requiring students to travel. Documentum’s “Training Without Travel” program offers a full range of courses for developers, system and web administrators, project managers and end users, through self-paced Web-based courseware, e-learning classes, and instructor-led classroom training at the customer site. Recent offerings include courses on records management, eRoom collaboration and Documentum 5.

SavvyBox Announces Release of Author.CMS v3.3

SavvyBox announces a new release of their new Content Management System Author.CMS v3.3. The system’s usability-tested user interface simplifies most common tasks related to information publishing. Author.CMS is specifically geared to small to medium size sites. Author.CMS embeds a variety of intuitive site management tools that save content publishing time and give full control over the website. The main system features are: usability-tested administration interface, WYSIWYG editor and intuitive site management tools, special installer that easily installs the system on a server, high-level functions that save template creation time. The new version of Author.CMS has a new directory structure to improve system adaptability for servers with different settings.

Software AG’s Natural Mainframe Development Platform Supports XML

Software AG, Inc. announced that version 4 of its Natural 4GL development platform for mainframes now supports the creation and processing of XML documents. In addition to supporting XML, Natural Version 4 provides several other new capabilities, including improved overall application performance, accelerated and simplified access to Software AG’s Adabas by other databases, the ability to develop applications for a UNIX production environment using a Windows desktop, and expanded interoperability between Natural for IBM’s OS/390 or z/OS and Natural for Linux. Natural Version 4 for OS/390, z/OS, VSE/ESA, VM/CMS and BS2000/OSD is now available as a controlled release to registered customers. The general release is scheduled for September 2003.


TRADOS Incorporated announced the availability of TRADOS 6 LSP (Language Service Provider) and TRADOS 6 Freelance. In addition to improvements in Translation Memory manageability, quality assurance and language support, TRADOS 6 provides single and multi-language vendors compatibility with the translation memories of clients, using TRADOS TM Server, the new server translation memory technology from TRADOS. Performance improvements for tagged file formats in all TRADOS 6 applications speed up the translation process for TRADOStag files. Because of Unicode refinements, TRADOS 6 now supports a number of new languages, among them Maltese, Malaysian, and Tagalog. Support for other languages such as Vietnamese and Serbian has been enhanced and even complex chains of Unicode characters are now fully preserved during translation. TRADOS 6 Freelance now combines all TRADOS freelance applications into one tool set. TRADOS 6 Freelance will be normally priced at 895 EUR/USD. However, as a special introductory promotion, TRADOS 6 Freelance is priced at 695 EUR/USD until June 27, 2003.

Interwoven Announces mySAP Enterprise Portal Certification

Interwoven, Inc. announced that it has received certification from SAP AG of the Interwoven TeamPortal software integration with mySAP Enterprise Portal. With the Interwoven TeamPortal for mySAP Enterprise Portal, customers can transparently access and act on trusted content through SAP iViews. Built on Interwoven ContentServices, a Web services layer that enhances the integration process, TeamPortal enables companies to integrate content management into their corporate mySAP Enterprise Portal, and provides an organizational-based, collaborative model that ensures the accuracy, reliability, and security of that portal content. The Interwoven TeamPortal for mySAP Enterprise Portal is shipping and is available directly from Interwoven.

SAQQARA & DPCI Join to Offer Catalog Publishing Solution

SAQQARA Systems, Inc. announced a partnership with DPCI. The partnership combines SAQQARA’s collaborative technology for capturing, managing and dynamically re-expressing digital rich media for eCatalogs with DPCI’s expertise in delivering content to print production formats such as QuarkXPress. Leveraging DPCI database publishing and integration experience with the distributed authoring system that is bundled with SAQQARA’s CommerceSuite product enables organizations to deliver highly stylized content for their customers from a single electronic catalog. By simplifying the transition from traditional catalog layout to database publishing the cost of going to print is reduced.

Texterity Launches “FreeSVG” Service

Texterity, Inc. announced FreeSVG, a web-based service providing conversion of PDF into SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). This free service enables users to create self-contained “SVG packages” that can be viewed using a standard web browser. Users get a complete set of HTML and SVG files with a self-contained “viewer” enabling searching, page turning, table of contents navigation, linking, and zooming. Pages contains a complete representation of all text, images, and vector drawing, viewable with a browser and the Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0, or with SVG viewers for PCs and mobile devices. Original PDF bookmarks are converted into a multi-level table of contents, and embedded links are converted into standard intra-document and HTTP web links. Document navigation includes direct page access or relative movement within the document with first, last, next, and previous page buttons. Search results show a histogram bar of hits, plus a rollover featuring the paragraph containing the search results; search terms are highlighted. “Zoom” support includes preset zoom factors plus ‘fit width’ and ‘fit height’ to allow a large display of the page on the screen. FreeSVG is compatible with the Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0, which supports Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers. Other SVG viewers are supported, including the Bitflash Mobile SVG Player 2.0 and Apache Batik.

North Atlantic Offers Solution to Tracking Documents in Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal Server

North Atlantic Publishing Systems announced a new product to address one of the most commonly requested enhancements to Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal Server, i.e., the ability to track changes made to the document library. SPSAuditTrail was specifically designed by North Atlantic Publishing Systems, Inc. to enhance Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal Server. SPSAuditTrail automatically keeps track of changes users make to SharePoint Portal Server Document Library content when users access the Document Library through the browser, Office XP applications or Web Folders. SPSAuditTrail automatically records check ins, check outs, document and folder additions, renames and deletes, approvals, rejections and other activity across the portal server. For each action, SPSAuditTrail records the Windows login name of the initiator, the client machine IP address, date and time the activity occurred, and what the activity is. All automatically. The saved audit information is searchable directly from the SPSAuditTrail Search Web Part. You use the Search Web Part to specify the audit trail information you want to view. A free demo version of SPSAuditTrail is available at

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