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Day: April 28, 2003

Bluestream Releases XStreamDB 3.0 XML Database

Bluestream released a major upgrade to its native XML database. Available immediately, XStreamDB Version 3.0 adds features designed to help developers and integrators deploy solutions for collaborative content management with XML and binary data. XStreamDB 3.0’s new resource manager enables integration with authoring and publishing software for lightweight content management solutions for publishing to Web or print. Supported XML editors include Corel XMetaL and Altova XMLSpy. Improvements to searching include: faster full-text search and indexing, new LIKE wildcard matching, found word marking, phrase search, and proximity search. Other new features are: WebDAV, resource URIs, checkout, event triggers, automated backup, Server Console, binary data support with MIME type, and derivation by extension and attribute groups for schemas. XStreamDB 3.0 is a cross-platform XML database server built on Java, accessed using a Java API, WebDAV, or XstreamDB Explorer. It supports XQuery with update, full-text search, resources, and XML schemas with automatic validation. XstreamDB 3.0 is ACID compliant, has full transaction model capabilities, and MD5 authentication. XstreamDB 3.0 supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris. Minimum 64MB RAM, under 10MB disk (not including data). J2EE compliant Web application server (Apache Tomcat included) required for WebDAV and resource URIs. Developer version at $500 per seat. Server at $1300 to $3000 per CPU plus support is available.

Obian Releases Web-Services Document, Web Content & Process Management Platform

Obian announced the availability of Jupiter, a Web-based Document Management System powered by Oracle9i Application Server and Oracle9i Database. Jupiter allows enterprise users to obtain the full advantage of Oracle9iAS – J2EE server, Portal server, Directory server, Integration Server, Oracle9i Database, Oracle9i JDeveloper and Oracle Collaboration Suite when developing Web-Services Document Management applications. Jupiter represents a generation of Integrated Web-Services Document, Web Content and Process Management all accessible through one common user interface and utilizing a single Oracle9i repository. Jupiter users launch a business process with one or more documents stored in the document management module. They then can measure the acceptance/rejection actions as well as the processing/wait times at all stages in their work processes using Jupiter’s process management module.

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