Texterity, Inc. announced FreeSVG, a web-based service providing conversion of PDF into SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). This free service enables users to create self-contained “SVG packages” that can be viewed using a standard web browser. Users get a complete set of HTML and SVG files with a self-contained “viewer” enabling searching, page turning, table of contents navigation, linking, and zooming. Pages contains a complete representation of all text, images, and vector drawing, viewable with a browser and the Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0, or with SVG viewers for PCs and mobile devices. Original PDF bookmarks are converted into a multi-level table of contents, and embedded links are converted into standard intra-document and HTTP web links. Document navigation includes direct page access or relative movement within the document with first, last, next, and previous page buttons. Search results show a histogram bar of hits, plus a rollover featuring the paragraph containing the search results; search terms are highlighted. “Zoom” support includes preset zoom factors plus ‘fit width’ and ‘fit height’ to allow a large display of the page on the screen. FreeSVG is compatible with the Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0, which supports Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers. Other SVG viewers are supported, including the Bitflash Mobile SVG Player 2.0 and Apache Batik. www.texterity.com