North Atlantic Publishing Systems announced a new product to address one of the most commonly requested enhancements to Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal Server, i.e., the ability to track changes made to the document library. SPSAuditTrail was specifically designed by North Atlantic Publishing Systems, Inc. to enhance Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal Server. SPSAuditTrail automatically keeps track of changes users make to SharePoint Portal Server Document Library content when users access the Document Library through the browser, Office XP applications or Web Folders. SPSAuditTrail automatically records check ins, check outs, document and folder additions, renames and deletes, approvals, rejections and other activity across the portal server. For each action, SPSAuditTrail records the Windows login name of the initiator, the client machine IP address, date and time the activity occurred, and what the activity is. All automatically. The saved audit information is searchable directly from the SPSAuditTrail Search Web Part. You use the Search Web Part to specify the audit trail information you want to view. A free demo version of SPSAuditTrail is available at