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Day: March 16, 2003

Stellent Acquires Active IQ Assets

Stellent, Inc. announced it has acquired selected assets of Active IQ Technologies for $650,000 in cash, or approximately one times the acquired annualized recurring revenue. The transaction will have no revenue effect on Stellent’s March 31, 2003 quarter and is expected to be accretive for Stellent’s fiscal year 2004. There is no ongoing business relationship between the company and Active IQ. Under terms of the agreement, Stellent has acquired technology, customer agreements and other assets related to the hosted application business that Active IQ built based upon the Stellent Content Management system. The company has assumed Active IQ’s current subscription revenue agreements with customers and will continue to market the hosted applications for vertical markets. Stellent will also offer general hosting capabilities to other content management prospects and customers. Stellent has hired Active IQ sales, marketing and development staff, and Active IQ president and chief executive officer Jack Johnson is now Stellent’s vice president of hosted solutions.

Altova & DataPower Team

DataPower Technology, Inc. and Altova, Inc. announced the availability of XMLSPY 5 integrated with the Datapower XS40 XML Security Gateway. The unified solution addresses enterprise the need for centralized XML Web Services security without forcing application developers to alter pre-existing design and deployment practices in any way. The XMLSPY 5 XML development environment provides visual design, development and debugging for all types of XML documents including XML schema, XSLT, SOAP and WSDL. DataPower’s XS40 is an XML security gateway providing XML filtering, schema validation, XML Encryption, XML Signature, WS-Security and others. Security policies within the DataPower XS40 are XML-based so developers can use existing XML Schema, WSDL and other XML application files to assign filtering rules, access control and overall policy management. XMLSPY 5 and XS40 as integrated solution is available immediately. Pricing for the solution starts at $64,995. The XMLSPY 5 Professional Edition includes an XSLT debugger and is available for stand- alone purchase for $399 from the Altova online shop.,

Verity Provides Stellent Certified Categorization for Content Management

Verity, Inc. announced Stellent Inc. has certified specially-tailored Verity categorization technology for use with its content management system. The integration of the Verity Profiler product with the Stellent Content Management system allows enterprise users and administrators to populate Stellent Content Server metadata quickly, accurately and automatically when new or modified content is added into a Stellent data repository. It complies with Stellent’s API for categorization, offering Stellent customers a new choice to best meet their categorization needs.,

Intraspect Announces New Collaboration Solutions

Intraspect Software, Inc. announced a new set of collaboration solutions. Comprised of the Solution Suite for High Technology, Solution Suite for Financial Services and Solution for Project Delivery/PMO, these new offerings incorporate best practices from over 400 solutions implementations with 200 customers. These solutions can be implemented faster when compared to generic collaboration products. Intraspect Solutions are a combination of its collaboration software platform — Intraspect 5, application-specific user interfaces and data models, business process models and workflows, connectors to enterprise applications and packaged consulting services designed to meet the needs of Fortune 1000 customers.

Semagix Ships Freedom 3.0

Semagix announced that it is shipping version 3.0 of its Freedom platform for enhancing metadata and integrating enterprise information from structured and unstructured content sources. Semagix Freedom is a semantics-based Enterprise Information Integration (EII) software platform that is used to aggregate and relate large volumes of heterogeneous information held in disparate locations. The enhanced features of Freedom 3.0 simplify and reduce the cycle for System Integrators to implement the Freedom platform. Semagix has enhanced several usability, scalability and performance features. Semagix’s Freedom 3.0 is available immediately with prices starting at $75,000 per processor.

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