KMtechnologies Inc. announced a new partnership agreement with Swingtide. FSwingtide has licensed KMtechnologies’ work2gether platform to deliver the Swingtide QoB Assistant. Leveraging the work2gether collaborative features, the QoB Assistant is a productivity tool for architects and developers to understand, define and manage the interoperability of XML used in service-oriented architectures. The QoB Assistant is a software application packaged with an online knowledgebase of XML standards that’s accessible from your network. The QoB Assistant automates planning in several key ways. First, the QoB Assistant lets you make specific choices about XML and make them persistent across your local copy of the knowledge-base as design guidelines. Second, several people can work and collaborate on a design simultaneously. The QoB Assistant comes complete with discussion thread capability, email notification when team members update a portion of the design, and even support for distance collaboration. Additionally, the QoB Assistant enables you to add custom content that can be leveraged by the rest of the team.