Vignette Corp. launched Vignette Dialog, an application for building solutions that automate and personalize relationships across multiple touchpoints through selected communications. Vignette Dialog enables organizations to engage prospects, customers, partners and employees with automated personalized interactions through Web sites, portals, phone calls, e-mail, wireless devices and direct mail. Vignette Dialog, which leverages the intellectual property acquired from Revenio in late 2002, has a browser-based interface so business users can easily define, modify and track dialogs. Business users can access real-time reports to plan and track the costs and results of each customer interaction. Vignette Dialog interacts with existing enterprise applications, such as CRM solutions, data warehouses, SFA systems, call centers and Web sites. Vignette Dialog capabilities include interactive dialogs, event-triggered dialogs,multistep dialogs, support for multiple touchpoints, and integration with enterprise content sources. Vignette offers current customers the opportunity to be “Up and Running” within 30 days. Vignette Dialog is currently available.