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Day: February 16, 2003

Versim Announces XML Differencing Plugin for Altova XMLSpy

Versim Technologies announced the availability of the Versim XML Differencing Plugin for Altova XMLSpy. With the Versim Plugin, XMLSpy users can easily identify the differences between XML documents, both on the file system or remotely addressable via URL. The Versim Plugin is fully integrated with XMLSpy, and allows you to navigate backwards and forwards through documents, verifying, accepting or rejecting changes that are presented to you. The Versim XML Differencing Plugin is available to download as a fully functional 30-day evaluation.

IQ Group & Venetica Partner

Content IQ, the content management division of The IQ Business Group, and Venetica announced a partnership agreement under which Content IQ will be a value-added reseller in South Africa for Venetica. The IQ group has operations in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Boston and Atlanta in the USA and in London in the UK.

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