XML Global Technologies, Inc. announced the release of GoXML Messaging 3.0. GoXML Messaging is a secure SOAP-based messaging system that supports ebXML Messaging Specification 2.0. GoXML Messaging 3.0 has been successfully certified in the current round of Drummond Group ebXML Messaging 2.0 interoperability tests sponsored by the Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC). GoXML Messaging now allows businesses to publish Web services that offer security guarantees for business documents such as invoices, health records and digital images. GoXML Messaging is designed to operate as a lightweight web application or as a small-footprint embeddable software component. This enables existing applications to engage in secure and reliable document exchanges over intranets and the Internet. Key features of GoXML Messaging 3.0 include being certified for ebXML Message Service 2.0 interoperability, support for ebXML CPA 2.0 trading partner agreements, persistent message storage for reliable messaging, a Java API. GoXML Messaging 3.0 is available for evaluation from January 20, 2003. www.xmlglobal.com