Texterity, Inc. announced TextCafe Version 3.0, providing conversion of PDF into SVG pages, XML-based table of contents, and XML document search indexes. SVG provides customers with an XML-based representation of pages that are identical to the original printed page. With TextCafe 3.0, publishers can publish on-line and off-line versions of materials using standard web browsers for Windows, Macintosh and other platforms. TextCafe 3.0 provides: Automatic conversion from PDF to SVG pages, page-based word lists for indexed searches, and structural Table of Contents in XML; the ability to view SVG pages within any HTML page, using the Adobe SVGViewer; support for embedded fonts, including SVG standard font drawing instructions or Adobe Compact Embedded Fonts (CEF); atomatic extraction and optimization of all raster and bitmap images into PNG or JPEG formats; translation of line-drawingd or images into SVG vector formats; and matching between reflowable XML/OEB output, word indexes and SVG pages, enabling word highlighting and relevancy searching. www.texterity.com