Atomz announced that it has added the Flash Content Management Solution (Flash CMS) to Atomz Publish, the companys Web content management application. Jointly developed with Fluid, Flash CMS allows non-technical individuals to edit and publish Macromedia Flash content in real-time within Atomz Publish in the same way they currently manage HTML, text, images or PDFs. Atomz Publish with Flash CMS is easily and rapidly deployed, and is browser-based so content can be created, changed or updated anywhere, anytime. Flash CMS is now available to all new and existing Atomz Publish and Atomz Promote customers. There is no additional charge for Flash CMS within Atomz Publish, and it supports both Flash 5 and Flash MX. Customers seeking to deploy this functionality may need to make some configuration changes to their Flash files, a process for which Fluid can provide support.,