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Day: October 22, 2002

FileNET Announces Support for Universal Application Network

FileNET Corporation announced its support for Universal Application Network – a standards-based, vendor-independent application integration solution – launched by Siebel Systems, in conjunction with other application software vendors, integration server vendors and systems integrators. FileNET plans to provide out-of-the-box connectivity between FileNET ECM and Universal Application Network. Based on XML and Web Services standards, Universal Application Network enables organizations to integrate applications such as FileNET’s ECM solutions, and helps organizations avoid being locked into vendor-specific architectures. FileNET and Siebel Systems will deliver an enhanced integrated solution that combines the best practices drawn from both Siebel Systems’ business process library and FileNET’s approach to Enterprise Content Management.

SiteScape Releases Content Delivery Agents Citrix NFuse Elite

SiteScape Inc. announced that it has released a number of new collaborative Content Delivery Agents (CDAs) for the Citrix NFuse Elite access portal server. SiteScape’s CDAs, which are individual, customizable components that “plug into” an existing back-end system to present tailored views of data to the portal desktop, allow NFuse Elite portal customers to access the basic collaboration, knowledge management and business process improvement features. SiteScape’s CDAs for Citrix NFuse Elite are free of charge and are immediately available for download from SiteScape’s website.

Conviveon Announces Content Management Appliance

Conviveon Corporation announced availability of its Conviveon Access Appliance, an integrated hardware and software content management solution. The Conviveon Access Appliance integrates a web server, application server and database server on a single piece of hardware, and comes pre-installed with Conviveon Access Server, an XML-based content management and integration software platform. The entry-level appliance, CAA100, is a 1U “pizza box” server ready to plug directly into a network, enabling web designers and users to start taking advantage of its capabilities immediately. Oracle and SQL Server options are also available, as are a variety of hardware alternatives.

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