Banta Integrated Media announced new functional enhancements to its B•media enterprise Digital Content Management software platform specifically designed for catalogers, publishers and marketers. Bmedia 3.1 allows users to publish entire data directories or single assets by selecting a publishing target to send Bmedia content to. New administrative tools simplify the management and maintenance of complex corporate security, permissions and access models. An administrative interface makes it easy to set up complex publishing routines. Thumbnails and previews are automatically created upon check-in of QuarkXPress documents, providing users with visual validation of spreads and layouts. Whiteboarding has been enhanced to enable users to “pour” whiteboards into open QuarkXPress documents to automate page composition and preserve and reuse static elements. User-defined tag names can be applied to text in metadata fields to pass style information QuarkXPress and Web documents. Complex, multilevel keywords have become much easier to manage and use and keywords can be supported in multiple languages. In addition to standard reporting capabilities, users can capture attribute information about any selected asset(s), creating a reusable file for viewing, printing, and Web display.