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Day: September 30, 2002

Autonomy Announces Legacy Compatibility Module

Autonomy Corporation plc announced the release of Autonomy’s Legacy Compatibility Module (LCM). LCM enables companies to leverage existing legacy systems and transition to an advanced information management technology. LCM, based on Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), builds a bridge between legacy systems and Autonomy’s technology to allow all enterprise data to be accessed within new, contextual automated systems. LCM can connect directly to popular legacy indexes and a variety of formats including legacy index files, legacy categories, topics and taxonomies. LCM provides the ability to manually edit and supervise legacy methods for backward compatibility. Autonomy’s IDOL integrates unstructured, semi-structured and structured information from multiple repositories through an understanding of the content.

Context Media Introduces Interchange Suite 3.0

Context Media, Inc. announced the release of Interchange Suite 3.0, its enterprise content management software solution. Interchange Suite 3.0 allows distributed and disparate digital asset and content repositories to remain distributed, while giving users a single, unified way to access the content these repositories contain. The suite is comprised of three software applications. The Interchange Suite components can work together or on their own. The Interchange Suite web services-based applications include: Interchange Content Server – the core web services suite that categorizes, manages and powers access to enterprise content; Interchange Integration Console – discovers content stored in various distributed and disparate content, document and digital asset management systems across the enterprise; and Interchange Distribution Console – provides services that allow companies to deliver content across the enterprise and to external parties. All services and features are enabled in a web services environment interoperable with Sun One and Microsoft.Net initiatives. Interchange Suite ships with support for Sun Solaris, Linux and Microsoft Windows 2000; application server support for BEA, iPlanet, JBoss, Oracle 9iAS and IBM Websphere; and database support for ODBC and JDBC compliant databases.

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