Open Text Corporation introduced Livelink Doorways, which allows users in Livelink to access and use content from other repositories within an enterprise. Livelink Doorways gives companies a content integration framework that enhances collaboration by bringing together all of a company’s content, no matter where it resides, and making it available to users collaborating in Livelink. The first release of Livelink Doorways offers access to Documentum 4i and a variety of file systems, including Microsoft Windows, UNIX NFS and Oracle iFS. In later releases, Open Text expects to add connectors for Hummingbird DM and DOCS Open, Lotus Notes and Domino, and other repositories, as well as provide a means for partners and customers to develop connectors to their own unique repositories. With Livelink Doorways, other content sources are mounted as containers or “doorways” within users’ Livelink workspaces. Folders, directory structures and documents from these content sources are navigable from each doorway within Livelink, using the source’s native hierarchical structure and respecting each user’s permissions to access such content.