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Day: August 27, 2002

divine to Resell MediaBin

divine, inc. announced that it has signed a reseller agreement forming an alliance with MediaBin Inc. divine will offer MediaBin’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution to enable divine content management users to leverage rich media assets through divine Content Server. While divine Content Server can store, archive and deliver all forms of digital assets, the MediaBin Digital Asset Management system expands this capability by enabling business users to modify, transform and compile graphics for use within Web sites or other applications without requiring the assistance of creative professionals. MediaBin software enables dynamic resizing and other manipulations of digital images, photographs, graphics, logos, video, Quark files, and other rich media. The MediaBin capabilities complement divine multimedia-based products that include divine Showcase and divine Truelook. The combination of divine Content Server and MediaBin enables real-time previewing of both images and content as they will appear on the published site.

Inktomi Integrates Enterprise Search with Microsoft Content Management Server

Inktomi Corp. announced an integration between Inktomi Enterprise Search software and Microsoft Content Management Server. The integration enables Inktomi Enterprise Search to index and retrieve Web content managed by Microsoft Content Management Server. Inktomi Enterprise Search integrated with Content Management Server closely aligns the content development and retrieval processes. This integration allows Inktomi to instantly crawl and index content and associated metadata published and managed by Microsoft Content Management Server, providing users with real-time access to information. Microsoft now offers customers and systems integrators an evaluation copy of Inktomi Enterprise Search as part of its Internet business solution kit, which includes Microsoft Content Management Server. Inktomi Consulting services are available to optimize the deployment of Inktomi Enterprise Search software with Microsoft Content Management Server to meet each customer’s unique needs.

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