Pro Text unveiled LAVA PT which extends Oracle 9iFS’s feature-rich abilities to manage documents beyond the current language borders. Integrated in the standard iFS web user interface, LAVA PT allows to create the needed language variants for any source document. LAVA PT offers support for every document format; even translating XML document fragments using Oracle iFS’s integration with ArborText’s Epic editor becomes uncomplicated and trouble-free. Language variants are sent then to a translator, a translation memory and/or machine translation via e-mail (or another standard internet protocol). Once translated and returned, the translated documents are checked in and stored into the Oracle iFS system. When the base or source language document is revised or updated, LAVA PT identifies the language variants that should be (re)translated and automatically initiates a new translation cycle for these. The web interface shows the status of each document variant within this translation process. LAVA PT is available now with prices starting from $20.000.,