X-Hive Corporation announced the release of version 3.0 of X-Hive/DB, the native XML database designed for software developers who need to process and store XML data in their applications. X-Hive/DB supports all major XML standards including XML 1.0, XQuery, XPath, XPointer, XLink, XSL, XUpdate and DOM. It also offers a transaction mechanism, versioning with branching, BLOB storage and various indexing methods, as well as support for J2EE and WebDAV. Next to overall performance improvements the following features have been added or enhanced in X-Hive/DB 3.0: support for XQuery; support for DOM Level 3 Abstract Schema and Load & Save; a new indexing method; improved XPath/XPointer and administrator client with new functions and updated GUI; and simplified database setup with default configuration based on best practices. X-Hive/DB 3.0 is available as of today on Linux, Solaris and Windows. A free 30-day evaluation license can be obtained. www.x-hive.com