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Day: May 29, 2002

Internet Expressions Announces Update

Internet Expressions, Inc., (IEXP) announced the availability of version 3.5 of its FastPage web-based content management tool. Version 3.5’s web-based administration tools give site administrators the ability to create and edit pages using customizable templates, assign user edit permissions, define portions of pages that are allowed to be edited, and define content format. Site administrators can give permissions to users to edit specific pages, create new pages from templates on-demand, upload images, media files and edit rich textual
content. A new online help system ensures that users that are editing their web pages only need basic word processing skills to maintain content.

Intelliseek Acquires Coreintellect Technology

Intelliseek has acquired the technology assets of Dallas-based Coreintellect, Inc. for an undisclosed amount. Intelliseek will use the technology to enhance existing products and create new ones in the fields of consumer and competitive intelligence and enterprise search applications. Intelliseek acquired the entire Core360 platform technology including: CoreAnswer, a natural language-processing technology that provides answers to frequently asked questions; CoreFilter, an information-filtering system; CoreIndexer, a full-text indexing solution; and CoreSummarizer, a content-sensitive tool that creates intelligent, targeted summaries.

Innodata in Partnership with X-Hive

Innodata Corp. announced a partnership alliance between X-Hive Corporation and ISOGEN International, Innodata’s XML Systems and Training division. Under the terms of this alliance, ISOGEN will become a certified integrator of the X-Hive XML database system for customers based in North America and Europe.,,

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