Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) announced the launch of FAST Data Search 3.0. FAST Data Search 3.0 handles grammatical and conceptual variations within the data, such as natural language processing and misspelling of queries. There is automatic, out-of-the-box support for over 49 languages. Content handling options, such as automatic categorization and dynamic result clustering, allow users to locate information quickly. Virtual collection functionality, combined with customizable document and query/result processing modules, enable system configuration on a per-collection basis with customizable relevancy tuning for different sources or partitions of information. FAST Data Search 3.0 enables mixing and matching of individual data access modules (web crawler, file traverser, database connector, and XML converter) for integrating with enterprise applications and adding search or data volume capacity and real-time, linguistics and security options. FAST Data Search 3.0 can be delivered as a software solution or via an ASP delivery model hosted by FAST or FAST partners.