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Day: May 7, 2002

Lightspeed Interactive & Innovative Learning Solutions Partner

Lightspeed Interactive, Inc. and Innovative Learning Solutions (ILS) announced the formal establishment of a strategic co-marketing partnership. The relationship provides a e-learning solution for their customers. Under terms of the agreement, ILS will provide Lightspeed customers with value-added instructional design services while ILS will incorporate and resell Lightspeed products in their own solutions. ILS will incorporate Lightspeed’s technology to deliver dynamic learning and custom training solutions via the Web and other traditional training delivery methods.,

Software AG Announces XML Mediator

Software AG, Inc. announced the general availability of XML Mediator, a tool for building XML information exchange hubs. XML Mediator manages XML interactions that discover relevant information and uses that information to trigger behavior, such as routing documents or messages to an appropriate destination or transforming the content to other XML formats or presentation styles such as HTML, PDF or WML. XML Mediator provides a framework for addressing the problem of diverse XML vocabularies in much the same way as humans have addressed it for centuries: discover patterns in the information, translate it to a more familiar terminology, and transcribe it into some standardized form. Industries such as healthcare, insurance, energy, chemical and petroleum are defining XML-based standards that simplify information exchange. XML Mediator has the ability to support data exchange standards such as ACORD, IFX, FIXML, PIDX and CIDX.

MediaBin Announces Integration with Microsoft Content Management Server

MediaBin Inc. announced the integration of the MediaBin brand asset management system with Microsoft Content Management Server (CMS) 2001. Developed in conjunction with Plural, a technology consulting and development firm, the MediaBin CMS connector provides an easy way to publish new and updated images to the Web. The connector gives authorized CMS users access to all approved digital assets within MediaBin Server and automates the labor-intensive process of placing and formatting digital assets for Web publication. The integration ensures proper brand and product representation over time by synchronizing web images published by the Content Management Server with the source assets managed by the MediaBin Server. By linking the Content Management Server Image Gallery directly into MediaBin, digital assets, photographs and logos no longer need to be formatted manually to fit the specifications of the Content Management Server page templates – MediaBin automatically renders the format needed.

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