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Day: May 5, 2002

Poet Announces eBuyerCatalog & eSupplierShop 2.0

Poet Software announced the launch of eBuyerCatalog 2.0 and eSupplierShop 2.0. eBuyerCatalog is intended for buyers who host multiple supplier catalogs for their internal procurement system, and eSupplierShop is intended for suppliers who host their own catalogs for one or more buyers. Poet Software’s eBuyerCatalog and eSupplierShop have been available in Europe since Q3 2001, and eBuyerCatalog 2.0 and eSupplierShop 2.0 will be generally available throughout Europe, North America and Asia in Q2 2002. eBuyerCatalog and eSupplierShop enable buyers and suppliers to find and purchase/sell products by using an interface that requires no training. The products contain shopping cart functionality that integrates with procurement systems, and standardizes the search process across all hosted catalogs. Both products have a new search engine that contains a thesaurus for synonyms, supports partial term searches and misspellings, and has parametric search capabilities so users can find and compare products based on a qualified request.

Tibco Releases ActiveExchange 3.0

TIBCO Software Inc. announced the release of TIBCO ActiveExchange 3.0. TIBCO ActiveExchange provides a single platform for EAI that accelerates integration with partners (suppliers, distributors, resellers) and customers. Version 3.0 adds enhanced support for XML, SOAP, EDI, RosettaNet, ebXML and more. TIBCO ActiveExchange’s added functionality also serves as a platform for packaged solutions that address specific industry initiatives, such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliance for healthcare, RosettaNet integration for high-tech manufacturing, and ChemXML for pharmaceuticals. TIBCO ActiveExchange also provides the security and integrity of all online interactions with robust authentication and authorization, encryption and non- repudiation.

RedDot Releases Content Management Server 4.5

RedDot Solutions released Content Management Server (CMS) 4.5. RedDot CMS 4.5 introduces new features and increased functionality in the RedDot CMS Web content management solution. Among these new features are the new plug-in interface for custom scripting of add-on functionality, server clustering capabilities and access to a Media Catalog for digital asset management (DAM). Additional new features include: redlining for workflow and version management, improved template administration, including template import/export (to move to external web design tools), support for UNC network paths, improved user management, enhanced password checking for NT/LDAP, browser-based log file administration, Italian language interface, and compatibility with the forthcoming RedDot Content Integration Server. RedDot Content Management Server 4.5 is immediately available from RedDot Solutions and its business partners.

Arbortext Announces Epic Editor 4.3

Arbortext, Inc. announced that its upcoming release of Epic Editor version 4.3 will provide significant improvements for designers, developers and business users. In addition to several authoring enhancements, Epic Editor version 4.3 will contain new or improved support for XML Schemas, Publishing Pipeline, XUI, XSL-FO and ActiveX. Epic 4.3 also provides integration with FileNET’s Panagon Content Services, offers a set of familiar toolbar icons that a developer can easily associate with specific XML tags, attributes and attribute values, gives authors the option of seeing spelling mistakes immediately and fixing those mistakes on the spot, and provides easier configuration and customization for developers and business users as they work with MathML (for equations), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and forms created in Visual Basic. Epic Editor 4.3 will ship Summer, 2002. All Arbortext customers under maintenance are eligible to receive the Epic Editor 4.3 upgrade at no charge, and the upgrade will be automatically shipped to them.

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