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Internet Expressions Announces Update

Internet Expressions, Inc., (IEXP) announced the availability of version 3.5 of its FastPage web-based content management tool. Version 3.5’s web-based administration tools give site administrators the ability to create and edit pages using customizable templates, assign user edit permissions, define portions of pages that are allowed to be edited, and define content format. Site administrators can give permissions to users to edit specific pages, create new pages from templates on-demand, upload images, media files and edit rich textual
content. A new online help system ensures that users that are editing their web pages only need basic word processing skills to maintain content.

Intelliseek Acquires Coreintellect Technology

Intelliseek has acquired the technology assets of Dallas-based Coreintellect, Inc. for an undisclosed amount. Intelliseek will use the technology to enhance existing products and create new ones in the fields of consumer and competitive intelligence and enterprise search applications. Intelliseek acquired the entire Core360 platform technology including: CoreAnswer, a natural language-processing technology that provides answers to frequently asked questions; CoreFilter, an information-filtering system; CoreIndexer, a full-text indexing solution; and CoreSummarizer, a content-sensitive tool that creates intelligent, targeted summaries.

Innodata in Partnership with X-Hive

Innodata Corp. announced a partnership alliance between X-Hive Corporation and ISOGEN International, Innodata’s XML Systems and Training division. Under the terms of this alliance, ISOGEN will become a certified integrator of the X-Hive XML database system for customers based in North America and Europe.,,


Three OASIS Committee Specifications, Directory Services Markup Language (DSML) v2, ebXML Registry Service (RS) v2, and ebXML Registry Information Model (RIM) v2, have passed final approval by the OASIS membership at-large to gain official status as OASIS Standards. Each of these new standards have been approved by their respective OASIS technical committees, implemented by a minimum of three organizations, completed a 90-day review, and passed a final vote from the OASIS membership at-large. ebXML RS and ebXML RIM allow information to be shared between interested parties through common registries. Members of the OASIS ebXML Registry Technical Committee include Boeing, Intel, IONA, Logistics Management Institute, NIST, Sterling Commerce, Sun Microsystems, Vitria Technology, and others. Members of the OASIS DSML Technical Committee include Access360, Novell, and others.


FAST Announces FAST Data Search 3.0

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) announced the launch of FAST Data Search 3.0. FAST Data Search 3.0 handles grammatical and conceptual variations within the data, such as natural language processing and misspelling of queries. There is automatic, out-of-the-box support for over 49 languages. Content handling options, such as automatic categorization and dynamic result clustering, allow users to locate information quickly. Virtual collection functionality, combined with customizable document and query/result processing modules, enable system configuration on a per-collection basis with customizable relevancy tuning for different sources or partitions of information. FAST Data Search 3.0 enables mixing and matching of individual data access modules (web crawler, file traverser, database connector, and XML converter) for integrating with enterprise applications and adding search or data volume capacity and real-time, linguistics and security options. FAST Data Search 3.0 can be delivered as a software solution or via an ASP delivery model hosted by FAST or FAST partners.

MediaBin Adds Collaboration Tools & Server Clustering

MediaBin Inc. announced the release of MediaBin WorkPlace and MediaBin Cluster Manager. MediaBin WorkPlace is a collaboration software module that provides a “virtual space” where dispersed teams can collaborate on marketing projects, review images and other collateral without downloading them, set up automated routing for approval, and conduct surveys. Team members are notified by email when their participation is required. MediaBin Cluster Manager enables corporations to link multiple MediaBin servers for increased capacity and reliability. Users see only one central repository, but processing tasks are divided among available servers, providing load balancing. The system also provides automatic failover.

TRADOS & Uniscape to Merge

TRADOS Incorporated announced that they had reached an agreement to join forces with Uniscape. This merger will bring together the companies’ complementary product lines and people to offer a solution that extends across the translation value chain, from the global corporation to individual translation professionals. Dev Ganesan, CEO and President of TRADOS, will be the CEO and President of the combined company. Once the merger has been completed, Uniscape, located in Sunnyvale, California, will become the TRADOS Enterprise Solutions division.

Stellent Announces Expanded Categorization Capabilities

Stellent, Inc. announced version 6.0 of the Stellent Content Categorizer that enables Web administrators and content contributors to automatically categorize content as it is checked into the Stellent Content Server. Content Categorizer is based on an architecture that integrates with categorization technologies. Stellent Content Categorizer 6.0 automatically maps contributed content to a metadata model and suggests appropriate metadata for that content. Version 6.0 also provides: an interactive check-in process for content contributors; a batch categorization process to immediately extract metadata; the ability to re-categorize sub-sections or the entire repository of managed content by refining the taxonomy; the ability to automatically assign metadata values to existing content in the repository when new metadata fields are added to the system; and the ability to import and navigate through the defined taxonomy within the Stellent Content Server interface.

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