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Day: April 7, 2002

RightsLine & Artesia Collaborate

RightsLine, Inc. and Artesia Technologies announced they have signed a Global Technology Partnership Agreement to offer integrated, bundled solutions of their respective software products as well as collaborating on co-marketing and sales activities. The partnership will initially focus in North America with the potential to spread to other global geographies. The development of the integrated offering will provide content owners with a single platform for managing both their digital assets and the rights and permissions associated with them. Artesia

Nimble & Whitehill Partner

Whitehill Technologies, Inc. and Nimble Technology have entered into a reselling partnership for Nimble Technology to offer customers the Whitehill Composer. Nimble Technology will offer users of the Nimble Integration Suite – an XML-based enterprise data integration platform used to power Web services and applications – the Whitehill Composer. Whitehill Composer is an easy-to-use XSL editor engineered to generate WYSIWYG XSL for XML-to-HTML transformation. Users can drag and drop XML data elements from a menu type environment directly into a browser and have the XSL automatically created for both the browser style and the data element.,

Adobe Announces FrameMaker 7.0

Adobe Systems Incorporated announced a new version of FrameMaker, its enterprise authoring and publishing solution. FrameMaker version 7.0 software allows corporations to take advantage of XML’s ability to search, share and repurpose content across the enterprise. The new XML capabilities allow content creators to distribute information to multiple channels, including print, the Web and PDAs. Also announced is the new Adobe FrameMaker Server, which gives companies the ability to produce personalized, data-driven content for output to print or PDF. Users can choose to work in the structured environment to address single-source information publishing needs and create valid XML files, or choose a simpler interface to create well-formed XML files for general word-processing usage. Adobe’s new FrameMaker Server software gives companies the ability to extract existing content housed in databases, document management systems and XML repositories to be manipulated in FrameMaker. Adobe FrameMaker 7.0 and FrameMaker Server 7.0 will be available in the second quarter of 2002 in the United States, Europe and Canada. Estimated street price for FrameMaker 7.0 desktop version will be US$799 for the full product with a special 90-day post ship upgrade offer (Mac and Windows only) of US$209 (US$349 thereafter). Estimated street price for FrameMaker Server 7.0 will be US$7,999.

divine Announces divine/Northern Light portlets for Oracle 9i

divine, inc. announced the availability of divine/Northern Light portlets for the Oracle 9i Application Server Portal Framework. These portlets enable the quick deployment of divine’s search and content integration technology, allowing business users to quickly access Web content, corporate information and a comprehensive library of over 7,000 business publications. The combination of divine Search and Content Integration (dSCI) portlets and the Oracle 9i Application Server Portal Framework enables joint customers to quickly provision access to these information resources. divine Portal Drivers are a set of solutions that combine divine’s software and service offerings with the major portal platforms. These solutions provide external content, content management, and collaboration. As part of the divine Portal Drivers Program, additional portlets will be available for the Oracle 9i AS later this year.

iKnowledge Announces Content Aggregation & Distribution Solution

iKnowledge, Inc. announced Version 2.0 of its ActiveContent. ActiveContent is a content solution developed from the ground-up with support for J2EE. ActiveContent is a comprehensive solution for secure content aggregation, collaboration, management, distribution, monetization and syndication. ActiveContent supports adaptive workflow, enabling companies to retain or customize departmental or enterprise work processes and allowing organizations to securely scale their content strategy in all dimensions including internal or external, and across all relevant platforms and devices. The latest version of ActiveContent provides ease of use and control using a web-based GUI interface designed to make organizing and sharing content simpler. The ActiveContent solution integrates with existing legacy systems.

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