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Day: February 3, 2002

iManage Announces WorkKnowledge

iManage, Inc. announced availability of iManage WorkKnowledge, a new knowledge management application that provides the ability to search disparate repositories to identify knowledge locked in business content such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations and email attachments. iManage WorkSite is an Internet-based enterprise application suite that enables organizations to securely manage and collaborate on critical business content and processes with employees, customers and partners. iManage WorkKnowledge creates a single unified environment for users to capture, store, reuse, and leverage a company’s organizational knowledge. Users can classify content by building on a taxonomy of knowledge categories provided by iManage, publicizing newly defined categories easily throughout the enterprise. By subscribing to the iManage service, “What’s New” updates, users can automatically receive alerts as new relevant knowledge enters the system. Autonomy powers sophisticated, unified concept searches across iManage repositories and other internal and external information sources.

Interwoven & Venetica Partner

Interwoven Inc. and Venetica announced that they have signed an agreement allowing Interwoven to sell Venetica’s VeniceBridge product and the new Content Provider for TeamSite. Using Content Provider for TeamSite, users can search from within the TeamSite software environment to discover assets, regardless of how or where the content is stored – such as in repositories from Documentum, FileNET, Lotus, Microsoft, Open Text and others – and leverage the appropriate content to support their ongoing initiatives. For example, a manager preparing for a product launch will now be able to access existing documents such as technical publications and regulatory submissions housed in various repositories. Once available to TeamSite, Interwoven MetaTagger, Interwoven’s enterprise metadata solution, will enable users to enrich and repurpose content across initiatives, including enterprise portals, CRM and eCommerce.,

eXcelon Announces Third Generation Native XML Database

eXcelon Corporation announced Release Three of its eXtensible Information Server (XIS), its native XML database management system. Release Three is focused on improving speed and throughput through refinements to its XML node-level management capability and broadening support for software platforms and connectivity in J2EE environments. XIS stores XML directly in the XML Document Object Model (DOM). XIS can accommodate changes to XML document structure and data in real-time, by operating only on the exact XML element or sub-element needed to support a business process or transaction. Node-level management coupled with distributed in memory caching and locking system increases throughput. Release Three has been updated to include initial support for XQuery, XPath 1.0, XSLT 1.0 including Java extensions (in anticipation of the XSLT 2.0 standard), and XML Schema 1.0. Pricing for XIS starts at under $30,000 for five developer seats and a development server.

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