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Day: January 16, 2002

i4i & IXIASOFT Partner

i4i Inc., and IXIASOFT jointly announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership. The partnership will offer integration compatibility between i4i’s Tagless Editor, an end-user focused solution for creating valid XML content via a Microsoft Word interface, and IXIASOFT’s TEXTML Server, a database whose purpose is to store, index and retrieve XML content. The joint solution is targeted to meet the demand for XML management solutions that can be easily deployed across an entire organization’s community of non-technical business users. The terms of the relationship include technology compatibility as well as agreements for joint sales and marketing efforts.,

Software AG & Red Oak Software Form Alliance

Software AG Inc. and Red Oak Software Inc. have formed an alliance offering customers automated, programmatic access to data on any web browser via Web Integrator, and easy integration and processing in Tamino. Under this mutual referral agreement, Software AG and Red Oak will each market a combined solution that provides customers access to previously unobtainable, critical business data residing on the proliferating number of web-based browser applications. Red Oak’s Web Integrator product automatically creates Java beans that programmatically access and retrieve any Internet content and output the content as native XML. By combining the capabilities of Web Integrator with Tamino, users now have access to previously inaccessible User Interface content for easy integration into Tamino databases.,

Macrovision Announces Digital Content Protection

Macrovision Corporation announced its new MacroSAFE Digital Copy Protection and Content Management Platform. MacroSAFE is a multi-layered, IP-based software solution that guarantees the secure distribution and management of video, audio, graphics, text and other multimedia applications to PCs and set-top boxes. It conforms to the MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 standards. The system is designed for use with any available encryption system, with built-in tamper-hardening and diagnostic features, with separation of licenses and content to increase security and flexibility. MacroSAFE’s architecture supports revocation and renewability in case of security violations, and ease of implementation at content owner level.

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