B-Bop Associates, Inc announced the release of Xfinity Author wX 2.1, the latest version of its Microsoft Word-to-XML authoring software. The software, available immediately, offers new functionality to further simplify the creation of structured documents in XML directly from the Microsoft Word environment. Xfinity Author wX 2.1 allows users to save their content to any XML industry standard or user-defined DTD such as RiXML, NewsML, HR-XML, DocBook, XBRL or even HTML. Users can select the MS-Word objects they want tagged as XML elements. Support for the MSXML parser improves productivity and prevents errors by enabling users to validate their documents against an XML DTD. The new release also provides support for for both ISO-8859-1and UTF-16 character sets. Xfinity Author wX version 2.1 requires Microsoft Word 2000 and runs on Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000 platforms. To view a sample output generated by Xfinity Author wX, please visit www.b-bop.com/authorwX_to_docbook.htm. www.b-bop.com