Tridion announced it is looking for additional partners to achieve 70% of revenue from channel-related activities. The company offers its partners free product training, free software, a partner extranet and marketing support, as well as sales leads. Two types of partnerships exist. Consulting partners deliver advice, expertise and implementation services around Tridion DialogServer. Software partners integrate Tridion’s solution into a range of products suited to customers’ content management needs. Companies implementing the product will be able to update, manage and re-use their content across multiple Web sites, channels and business applications in a consistent and cost-effective manner. Since the beginning of the new programme in July, eleven consulting partners have signed up; Aceion, Andel Consulting, Axialt, Labyrinth, LSC, Object 1, Rubus, Satsuma, Thales Information Systems Finance, Unified Solutions and Volt Europe, and four software partners: Infuzer, SealedMedia, Software AG and Verity.