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Day: November 29, 2001

divine Launches Divine Athena 5.4

divine, inc. introduced divine Athena 5.4, which provides a single point of access and control for all of an enterprise’s unstructured knowledge resources and a platform for collaborating around that information. divine Athena captures, stores and indexes documents created from throughout the enterprise and makes them available from a single point of access. Available as a stand-alone application or integrated into any portal or intranet, divine Athena can deliver its functionality to any touchpoint with customers, partners or employees. Its search agents allow users to browse and retrieve documents from a variety of internal and external sources, and its access control capabilities protect knowledge assets. This search technology remembers past searches and uses this intelligence to serve up relevant content in future searches. divine Athena can be integrated into leading portal applications, or be accessed through the Web or from a standard PC desktop.

Canto Releases QXP AssetStore

Canto released the QXP AssetStore, a new Option for all Cumulus 5 Editions. With this new Option a Cumulus 5 user can archive and manage individual pages of a QuarkXPress document as well as the entire document. The text will be read out so that a user can use search techniques to search for the text of a cataloged QuarkXPress document. The Option is available for Mac OS (no Windows) with German, English, French and Japanese user interfaces and it requires QuarkXPress to be installed. The Option is available for free without batch cataloging functionality. Batch cataloging functionality costs $399 per installation. The software will be available as a free download. It will be available as a boxed product in Q1 of next year.

Interlucent Announces CMS 2.1

Interlucent Internet Solutions announced the release of Interlucent CMS 2.1. Interlucent CMS replaces the earlier version 1.3, and will be delivered to current customers immediately. Interlucent CMS 2.1 establishes a web development and site management environment, which provides a framework for development. It ensures a seamless integration of applications into the site, and provides for the maintenance and the extension of the applications into other areas of the site or across the business enterprise. To manage the publishing process Interlucent CMS 2.1 utilizes a flexible yet extensive Work Flow Management system that enables it to conform to any editorial review process. Management is provided the ability to quickly view the current status of any stage of the process either from the perspective of the individual and sections of web pages or from that of an author, workgroup, or supervisory manager.

Grey Zone Partners with Netegrity

Grey Zone, Inc. announced a partnership with Netegrity. Under the terms of the partnership the two companies will tightly integrate SecureZone with Netegrity’s SiteMinder platform. The two key benefits of this integration include single sign-on across multiple applications and centralized management of user entitlements. SecureZone incorporates secure targeted publishing and dynamic audience-based assembly into a single out-of-the-box software platform that allows business users to spawn a completely functional extranet is “as little a 3 minutes.” SiteMinder provides a centralized policy management platform to manage users and their access to e‑business applications and resources. By integrating SecureZone and SiteMinder, a seamless e-business environment can be deployed that is rich in both content and interactive business applications, regardless of what server or platform the content and applications reside on.

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