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Day: November 27, 2001

Semio Announces Technology Alliance with

Semio Corporation announced that it is forming a technology alliance with Systems. The companies will offer enterprises a unique Graphical User Interface for their categorized data. Semio and will cooperatively sell and market their respective products, SemioTagger and Visual Net, to organizations seeking solutions for the management and visualization of unstructured data. Use of the combined products results in improved search relevancy and more intuitive navigation of datasets. Semio uses a linguistic-based categorization method and statistical clustering techniques to find the most relevant phrases and concepts within unstructured information matched to a customized taxonomy. Semio then organizes massive volumes of online content into easily understood, topic hierarchies by linking information based on the concept(s) contained in the phrases. After SemioTagger has categorized and tagged data, it is fed through’s Visual Net engine which creates graphical, information-rich, large-scale maps of the newly structured data. ,

Virage Releases Video Application Server 3.0

Virage, Inc. announced the release of Video Application Server 3.0, a server platform that allows organizations to publish, manage and distribute digital video content. With this latest server software from Virage, customers can deploy and centrally manage an even wider variety of automated streaming video applications. Video Application Server 3.0 adds user management and authentication features. Administrative privileges such as account creation and content editing can be assigned to specific groups. The new Virage software supports (LDAP), enabling easy integration with existing IT infrastructure. The latest release also provides permission-driven folders. Virage’s latest server software also supports playlists and a customizable HTML player that allows users to select the proper playback file based on connection speed and format preference. Virage’s latest product offering also includes an enhanced software developer’s kit (SDK) with new code samples and documentation.

Computer Associates Announces CleverPath ECM

Computer Associates International, Inc. announced the availability of CleverPath Enterprise Content Manager (ECM). CleverPath ECM extends the collaboration-and-community capabilities of CA’s CleverPath Portal to simplify management of all types of content across the enterprise using a graphical Portal interface. Supported content types include data, images, multimedia, presentations, spreadsheets, documents, email and text. CleverPath ECM provides comprehensive content management capabilities for these diverse content types — including storage and access management, process automation and workflow administration, version control and secure check-in/check-out functions. CleverPath ECM stores and manages metadata for all content types. Its type-specific plug-ins can be developed to scan content as it is loaded to extract this metadata. Other media services, such as thumbnail creation, can also be automated for streamlined workflow. CleverPath ECM is delivered with a set of standard plug-ins for most common media types such as Word and PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, JPEG images, MPEG and Quicktime multimedia, and MP3 audio. It can also be customized to work with third-party content services, such as audio and video search engines.

Lernout & Hauspie Sells Remaining Technology Assets

Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products N.V., L&H Holdings USA, Inc., and certain of their subsidiaries (collectively, “L&H” or “the Company”) announced the sale of remaining speech and language technology assets through a court-approved, public auction held on the 26th of November. The sales of the Company’s individual assets are subject to final approval by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware and the Ieper Commercial Court of Belgium. The major portion of L&H’s core speech and language technology business, including its text-to-speech (TTS) technologies, including L&H RealSpeak, and certain of its automatic speech recognition (ASR) technologies, including the Dragon Naturally Speaking line of products, will be acquired by Massachusetts-based ScanSoft, Inc. in exchange for $10 million in cash, a $3.5 million note, and 7.4 million common shares of ScanSoft, Inc. stock with a market value of $26 million based on the November 26th closing price of $3.52 per share. Additional assets sold at the auction include: The ASR technologies of L&H’s ISI division to Pennsylvania-based Multimodal Technologies, Inc., and L&H’s Intelligent Content Management (ICM) assets and its Knexys division, which develops ICM technologies to Vantage Technology Holding for $2 million in cash.

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