Akamai Technologies, Inc. announced an expansion of its technology alliance with Interwoven Inc. that will result in an integrated solution for managing and delivering ESI-based content and applications. Akamai and Interwoven are now jointly leveraging Edge Side Includes (ESI), a mark-up language used to define Web page components for dynamic assembly and delivery from distributed servers at the Internet’s edge. ESI technology enables Interwoven TeamSite customers to off-load the burden of assembling dynamic content to Akamai’s servers. Interwoven TeamSite Templating software will facilitate the inclusion of ESI tags and metadata. The integrated solution is slated to be available later this quarter. ESI is a proposed standard created to define Web page fragments, such as stock quotes and catalog prices, for dynamic aggregation, assembly and delivery at the Internet’s edge — closer to end-users and bypassing the Internet’s inherent bottlenecks. ESI enables companies to develop Web applications once, then choose at deployment time where the application should be assembled — on the application server, the content management system or the content delivery network. www.akamai.com, www.interwoven.com