RedDot Solutions Corporation has announced the release of RedDot Content Management Server Express 4.0, a core-functionality version of the RedDot CMS Professional 4.0 product. RedDot CMS Express is not a new product, but a new licensing arrangement created for a lower-priced entry to content management. Express and Professional are the same application. The Express license enables all the core content management functionality required for and is targeted to small-scale content management implementations. Express is designed for organizations that need a WYSIWYG editorial environment for maintaining their web presence, but only need to manage a single site with a handful of users and do not need deep content deployment or management tools. Because the Express and Professional products are actually the same application, upgrading from Express to Professional is simply a matter of purchasing a new license key. There are no new installations, nor any data conversions, that need to occur to upgrade. RedDot CMS Express will retail for $9,900 and will be available directly from RedDot Solutions and RedDot business partners.