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Day: September 3, 2001

Esker Announces New Architecture

Esker delivered the first step in a distributed architecture for Pulse, its multi-channel content delivery solution. This new architecture allows remote Pulse “Satellites” to communicate with a centralized Pulse Enterprise server and gain full access to Pulse functionality. Pulse Enterprise is server-based software that recognizes application output, transforms it into widely used formats and routes it to recipients according to the preferences of the recipient. ISVs and application developers who need to enable their applications to deliver information via Internet-based technologies can use Pulse to automatically deliver content through several channels — secure web server, email, fax, wireless, XML, or distributed. Pulse Satellite includes an SDK with documentation and code samples. Pulse Satellite creates an opportunity to offer multi-channel content delivery services by hosting Pulse Enterprise as a service. Pulse Enterprise and Pulse Satellite are currently available. Pricing for Pulse Enterprise follows a capacity-based model, beginning at $17,500 for a server supporting up to 2,500 output jobs per day. Pulse Satellite costs $3,000.

Clickability Launches CMpublish

Clickability Inc. announced the launch of CMPublish, a new content management system that enables e-businesses to manage and deliver relevant content to their online audience. CMPublish, a “self-adapting” publishing platform, integrates with Clickability’s suite of Intelligent Online Publishing Solutions (I-OPS) to manage the entire online publishing process — from creation and analysis, to the distribution and adaptation of Web site content.

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