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Day: June 12, 2001 Adds Detailed Listings for 400+ XML Specifications

OASIS announced that its recently expanded industry portal has been enhanced to include an online, categorized listing of the ZapThink XML Standards Report and Analysis. This new data features key details about more than 400 XML specifications from 300 organizations worldwide. XML.ORG offers detailed summaries from ZapThink’s quarterly Standards Reports. Developers who require an in-depth analysis of a particular specification are able to purchase the full report through ZapThink.,,

IBM & SAP Portals Inc. to Provide WebSphere Portal Server

IBM today announced an agreement with SAP Portals, Inc., to enable customers to integrate enterprise business applications from SAP, PeopleSoft Inc., Baan, Oracle Financials and others into portal solutions deployed using IBM’s WebSphere Portal Server. As part of the agreement, IBM will have the ability to resell and distribute SAP Portals iViews, which provide users access to the key enterprise business applications. The two companies also said that under the terms of the agreement, SAP Portals will provide a Java 2 Enterprise Edition version of its iViewServer that IBM will license and include in the IBM WebSphere Portal Server. The WebSphere Portal Server enhancements and the SAP Portals iViews that support integrated access to business applications from SAP, Baan, PeopleSoft, Oracle Financials and others will be available in the fourth quarter of 2001.,

Mozquito Launches FML for Allaire’s HomeSite

Mozquito Technologies launched a product that will put the power of eXtensibilty into Allaire’s HomeSite. Mozquito FML for HomeSite is made up of two components: the Mozquito Matrix and the Mozquito XHTML-FML component for HomeSite. XHTML-FML, or Forms Markup Language, is an XML-based language created by Mozquito Technologies, which simplifies creation of interactive online applications for retail, surveys, and other uses by eliminating the use of applets and scripting. Mozquito FML for Homesite enhances Allaire’s editor by running the user’s work through the Mozquito Matrix, transforming XHTML-FML tags into HTML and JavaScript that will run regardless of platform or browser. The XHTML-FML tags allow the developer to perform various tasks easily, such as toggling, calculations, and input validation. These 20 new tags also give the developer a functionality that they could only otherwise get with a great deal of complex JavaScript code. Mozquito Technologies is also working on FML for ColdFusion Studio and JRun Studio. The beta versions will be available online June 25. Mozquito FML for HomeSite retails for Euro/$69 plus sales tax. It is available in the U.S., Canada, South America and the Middle East from Lifeboat Distribution, as well as Mozquito Technologies’ resellers worldwide. Users may also download the program from

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