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Day: June 10, 2001

empolis announces release of k42 version 1.1

empolis announced the release of empolis k42 version 1.1, its knowledge server that is fully compliant with the TopicMaps standard. A free evaluation is available at . k42, v1.1 provides a richer set of functionality to enable organizations to embrace TopicMaps. k42 is written in Java, and has a comprehensive API. Its Jini and RMI support means that k42 is well suited to a distributed environment and can be deployed on an enterprise scale. The inference engine allows for the deduction of implicit knowledge and the built in templating mechanism provides guided editing. Web Author, the web interface with which users can edit and maintain the TopicMap in real time, has been completely remodeled, based on our ever growing experience and the feedback from our user base. The new interface will also allow users to define properties for Topic constructs. Furthermore Web Author 1.1 implements the important concept of reification. TMV (TopicMap View) is an out of the box feature for ‘browsing’ your TopicMap. Requiring no configuration, you can import a TopicMap and be browsing it in seconds. Utilizing XSL, it is easy for users to customize this view without having to write any code – they can simply write a new style-sheet. TMV also provides both an interface for querying your TopicMap, utilizing TMQL (TopicMap Query Language) as well as allowing users to navigate the map based on Scope. k42 is now also available with Star Tree from Inxight providing a powerful visualization tool for your TopicMap. k42 allows users to import and export standards compliant TopicMaps through a simple web interface. This interface also supports multiple encodings, including UTF-16 and ZIP. In addition to the extended API, developers have access to documentation, including API code examples and tutorials.

Mediasurface joins ATG’s Alliance Program

Mediasurface has entered into an alliance with ATG. Mediasurface will integrate its content management software with the ATG Dynamo e-Business Platform in order to support its strategy of serving the media and entertainment vertical markets. Mediasurface’s solution is designed to address the growing demand for advanced content management software by offering seamless integration with the ATG Dynamo e-Business Platform. Mediasurface’s application is scalable and incorporates open-architecture Internet technologies including Java and XML.,

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