Software AG and BEA Systems, Inc. announced a strategic alliance as part of the BEA Star Partner Program. Software AG will immediately become a BEA 3 STAR partner. Tamino X-Bridge will enhance the XML capabilities of BEA WebLogic Collaborate and Process Integrator and Tamino X-Node will enhance the back-end database access capabilities of BEA WebLogic. Tamino XML server will also be optimized for package sales with HP Bluestone’s J2EE application server. In addition, Tamino has been ported to HP-UX 11. Software AG is now a premier member of HP’s Computing Solution Provider Program. Customers can now purchase Tamino and HP Bluestone’s J2EE application server at a better rate as a package than as separate products. Initially, joint sales activities will focus on the German market, moving to other regions at a later point in time.,,,,