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Day: May 7, 2001 Systems Launches Library Research Tool Systems Inc. announced the launch of its Visual Net for Libraries (VNL) product. Visual Net for Libraries combines a navigation system with information-rich visuals to create large-scale data maps. Using a library’s existing Web-enabled PC, researchers can enter their topics into VNL and access library holdings organized in “neighborhoods” of information with graphical metaphors used to convey relevant search criteria. By clicking on any of the graphically represented categories, users can quickly access information about specific titles. Maps containing relevant resources can be “landmarked” so researchers can easily return to them. All collections, databases and formats, periodicals, audio, video and special collections are searchable from one map. Physically separated libraries can be combined in one database that is defined geographically, or the location within a floor plan. All maps and visual icons are customizable, with graphic shapes, sizes and colors set according to each facility’s parameters to describe data such as name, author, how often a book is checked out, holding format, physical location and availability. VNL scales to handle huge volumes of holdings and categories can be easily updated to reflect changes in library resources or usage and can manage restricted access to specific areas of the map. VNL is fully internationalized for multilingual facilities. Visual Net for Libraries is available immediately and is based on’s visual mapping platform. Pricing varies upon application.

IconNicholson & FatWire sign Reseller Agreement

FatWire announced a strategic reseller partnership with IconNicholson. Under the terms of the agreement, IconNicholson is licensed to resell and implement FatWire’s UpdateEngine5 dynamic content management software and build and resell web applications built with the product. Additionally, IconNicholson will provide continued customer support by dedicating a team of UpdateEngine certified experts to each project. To ensure quality service to customers, IconNicholson employees are certified in FatWire’s technical training programs prior to installing and implementing sites with UpdateEngine.,

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