SupplyAccess, Inc. announced the availability of SupplyAccess Content Services, an outsourced solution that manages catalog content and automates the processes surrounding transaction integration across different eCommerce platforms. SupplyAccess’ single marketplace model reduces the time required to obtain, validate and aggregate catalog data from suppliers for use in eProcurement applications or private marketplaces. This model differentiates SupplyAccess’ services from tools that build “one-off” custom catalogs for each buyer-supplier relationship. SupplyAccess achieves economies-of-scale without extensive manual intervention by producing reusable content and spreading the burden of catalog management across a larger population. Suppliers benefit from SupplyAccess Content Services because they can unify their content creation, management, and syndication activities through a single solution. Since SupplyAccess supports different catalog schemas and integration formats, suppliers can maintain and expand relationships regardless of their customer’s technology platform. Additionally, smaller suppliers can take advantage of self-service, Web-based tools to create custom pricing and catalog access for each customer without the need to upload or manage separate catalogs.