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Day: April 1, 2001

New dtSearch Product Line Released

dtSearch Corp. is now shipping the dtSearch text search and retrieval end-user and developer product line, Version 6.0. The new release adds distributed searching and other features to improve access to information throughout an organization. The new features also expand the functionality of the dtSearch developer component for use with a wide variety of programming languages. dtSearch products offer instant indexed (and slower unindexed) searching of large document collections – word processor, database, spreadsheet, email, ZIP, XML and more. Over two dozen full-text search options provide unmatched intelligent searching. All products display retrieved files with highlighted hits, along with (for HTML and PDF) embedded images and links. FindPlus distributed searching is a new integrated feature of dtSearch Desktop, dtSearch Web, and dtSearch Network that allows a single search request to span everything from local drives to remote servers. Operating through a single user interface, FindPlus enables indexed searching of files and other data throughout an organization, without the need to collect the data in a monolithic repository. Because FindPlus uses an XML-based protocol for exchanging and aggregating search information, developers using the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine can also easily incorporate this capability into their own applications. Enhanced XML support gives end-users and developers a way to combine data from any source, while retaining the ability to search on field and table information. dtSearch can perform indexed searches using the full range of dtSearch features across an entire XML database, or limited to a specific combination of fields or sub-fields, with no sacrifice in search speed. Pricing is $199 for dtSearch Desktop, starts at $800 for dtSearch Network, and is $999 per server for dtSearch Web and the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine (with royalty-free options also available). dtSearch provides fully-functional evaluation copies.

Openpages Integrates with Dreamweaver

Openpages, Inc. announced it has extended ContentWare through integration with Macromedia Dreamweaver. Together, the applications enable an integrated workflow that allows content creators to work within Dreamweaver to create Web templates, seamlessly populate them with content, and publish them online. Using Macromedia’s Dreamweaver as a front-end authoring client, gives Web content creators the ability to create, save, search for and retrieve content from the ContentWare database without leaving the application. In addition, users are now able to use Dreamweaver to create Web pages on-the-fly with ContentWare’s new manual page building capability. Manual page building lets users create new pages in real-time by directly accessing the rich content repository of ContentWare and extending content aggregation beyond the realm of form-based templating tools.

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