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Day: February 11, 2001

Convera Releases of RetrievalWare 6.8 & RetrievalWare WebExpress 2.1

Convera announced the release of Convera RetrievalWare 6.8 and RetrievalWare WebExpress 2.1, featuring new multimedia content management capabilities and enhancements. These include enhanced support for Java developers, a new search interface for intranet users, added capabilities for indexing secure content, expanded language plug-ins and support for the latest versions of operating systems and databases. With the new Java Server Page Toolkit (JSPTK), Convera enables Java developers to rapidly deploy RetrievalWare and WebExpress search capability into Java server page applications. RetrievalWare 6.8 also offers a new user interface for intranet search users called SmartSearch. Also new to RetrievalWare 6.8 is Spider support for HTTPS/SSL protocol, enabling organizations to use the RetrievalWare Spider to index secure content. Updated dictionaries enhance search results by accommodating language changes such as new words and idioms and updated spellings. Expanded support for Chinese (simple and traditional), Portuguese, Russian and Arabic has been added to provide additional functionality in these markets. Japanese, Korean, Italian and Dutch, which had limited availability in earlier releases of RetrievalWare, are now generally available. The RetrievalWare Internet Spider has the ability to follow “automatic redirects” or links that automatically direct the user to another URL. Automatic redirects are a common technique used to manage web traffic. RetrievalWare and Web Express have extended its platform support to Windows 2000 Server. In the Unix market the HP-11 64-bit OS is now supported and upgrades to AIX 4.3 and DEC Unix 4.0f are now available. The synchronizer for Lotus Notes now supports version 5 of that product. Convera RetrievalWare 6.8 and RetrievalWare WebExpress 2.1 are now available on Windows NT Intel, NT Alpha and all major UNIX platforms.

Percussion & Screaming Media Integrate Content Management & Content Syndication

Percussion Software announced a technology partnership with ScreamingMedia. Under the terms of the partnership, Percussion and ScreamingMedia will jointly market an integrated content management solution that enables companies to simultaneously create, manage and deploy content to the Web and other channels using one content management and publishing solution. Together, Percussion’s Rhythmyx Content Manager and ScreamingMedia’s SiteWare will simplify the process of acquiring relevant content from ScreamingMedia sources and transforming that content for any delivery mechanism. ScreamingMedia uses its infrastructure technology platform to aggregate, filter, process and integrate content from more than 3,000 brand-name publications directly into their network of more than 1,300 web and wireless subscribers. Content is filtered according to client specifications and then integrated seamlessly into the customer’s site. Visitors are never linked off-site, making the subscriber site “stickier.” Rhythmyx Content Manager automates content creation, approval and delivery for company Web. With the workflow capabilities in the Rhythmyx solution, the content from ScreamingMedia services can be reviewed, approved and assembled with other content items to produce pages specifically for the target Web sites.,

Starbase to Acquire

Starbase Corporation announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire, Inc., Inc. The acquisition positions Starbase in the multi-billion dollar market of software products for the creation and management of code and content. The transaction, valued at $26.0 million, consists of approximately $560,000 cash and 8.3 million shares of Starbase common stock valued at $25.4 million, based on the closing price of Starbase common stock as of February 9, 2001. The transaction, which is expected to close within one week, brings together code and content management technologies making Web site design, development and deployment more efficient, affordable and accessible. In addition to the planned integration of StarTeam and Expressroom I/O, Starbase will also separately market the Expressroom I/O content management solution to Global 2000 organizations.,

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