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Day: February 7, 2001

Altova Incorporates Infoteria’s iXSLT 2.0 Into XML Spy 3.5

Infoteria announced that its iXSLT 2.0 product has been integrated into the latest version of Altova’s XML Spy 3.5 product. XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation) processors are generally used to convert XML to HTML because browsers and applications used in today’s market do not yet fully support XML and XSL files. XSLT processors can also transform XML documents into other XML formats for use by other systems. XML Spy 3.5 includes the recently updated version of Infoteria’s iXSLT product, version 2.0c. iXSLT has been upgraded to support Windows NT (Service Pack 4) and Windows 2000 operating system platforms. It includes XSL File syntax that is compliant with the latest XSLT recommendation (November 16, 1999). Other enhancements include the support of XSLT and XPATH Extension Elements; new options for testing performance (“-t” switch); new options for handling external entities (“-g” and “-G” switches); and significant performance improvements. iXSLT is a W3C-compliant XSLT processor that uses files to transform XML data. It can transform a single source of XML data into multiple formats for use by personal computers, personal digital assistants, cellular devices, and game machines.,

Open Market Ships Applications Built on WebLogic 5.1

Open Market, Inc. announced the availability of its software solutions on BEA Systems’ WebLogic Server version 5.1 from BEA Systems, Inc. The company also announced that Open Market and BEA Systems will be engaging in collaborative selling and marketing of Open Market’s content-centric eBusiness applications layered on top of the BEA WebLogic Server. As a result, Open Market and BEA will be providing enterprises with a solution that enables them to optimize interactions with site visitors, customers, and channels. Open Market’s Content Server and associated applications — Content Centre, Personalization Centre, Catalog Centre, Integration Centre and Marketing Studio — are layered on top of BEA WebLogic Server. By selling its application suite in collaboration with its platform partners, Open Market provides customers with the flexibility, scalability and interoperability required to rapidly deploy e-business initiatives.,

Plumtree Integrates With Interwoven

Plumtree Software announced integration between the Plumtree Corporate Portal and Interwoven’s content management software. Available now, the new Plumtree Portal Gadget for Interwoven TeamSite software, a plug-in component for integrating Interwoven’s content submission capabilities into the portal, offers customers a solution for managing, publishing and disseminating information to the audiences that use corporate portals as the gateway to their business resources. It allows users to take Web content from submission to publication on a personalized Internet desktop that also incorporates those users’ e-mail, sales leads, inventory reports and market news. The integration of TeamSite with the Plumtree Corporate Portal enables users to more quickly and efficiently manage portal content. TeamSite allows individuals or teams to develop and quality assure (QA) content in separate work areas that are virtual copies of the live portal. Content is then submitted to a staging area for merging and final QA before publishing. The new gadget can also initiate a TeamSite workflow to automatically route content for approval and/or publishing to the Plumtree portal. This process streamlines the submission process allowing faster time-to-portal. The Interwoven gadget was developed by channel partner OAO Technology Solutions, Inc. ,,

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