ecVision announced its new service provision, XpressB2B iDX. This affordable, XML-based document exchange service supports EDI, which is critical to retailers and brand merchandisers in managing their sourcing processes over the Internet. A solution for retailers seeking to replace its Value-Added Networks (VANs), XpressB2B iDX is a service that is fully encrypted and offers all the specialized features and security of a traditional VAN along with the fast implementation and low cost of the Internet. XpressB2B iDX brings secure multipoint-to-multipoint document exchange services to retailers who need to source internationally, and is fully supported in Spanish and Chinese software environments. Furthermore, XpressB2B iDX’s scalability makes it an ideal document exchange service for mid-to-large size retailers, who need to process billions of dollars worth of documentation for sourcing. In addition to the fast implementation, low cost, and security benefits of XpressB2B iDX, users will also be able to enjoy all the features they would expect from a VAN including mail boxing, security and audit control. Other features of XpressB2B iDX include: an Internet-based EDI document exchange center for sending and receiving any type of files such as EDI, non-EDI, binary, text, or XML; non-repudiation support; secure channels and environments for messaging interchange over the Internet; message archival and retrieval; and multi-language support. XpressB2B iDX is currently available throughout The Americas and Asia Pacific. For an average transaction of 6000 documents, XpressB2B iDX is priced at $2,000(US).