SAPMarkets, the SAP AG subsidiary announced the launch of Open Content Network, a global program for content providers that delivers multi-supplier catalogues from a single source. This initiative in the field of electronic catalogue and content management will fulfill the needs of e-marketplace operators, buyers and sellers simultaneously. Based on a network of partners, the Open Content Network will provide high quality content and content services. This distributed architecture guarantees that a reliable flow of high quality content, including regional specificities, will be available from a single source. SAPMarkets also announced that Content Europe, the European-based provider of technology and services for content management, is the founding European member of Open Content Network. The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop an open content management solution by combining their expertise in the field of multi-standard content management. The goal of the partnership is to create, merge, manage and publish generic supplier content in accordance with e-marketplaces and large buyers’ requirements.,