Percussion Software announced a partnership with GlobalSight Corporation. The integration of Percussion’s Rhythmyx Content Manager, a native XML content management system, and GlobalSight System3 allows multinational companies to develop and maintain Web sites in the language and culture of target markets worldwide. A major barrier to global e-business success is the difficulty in delivering compelling and timely multilingual information to buyers and partners worldwide. As a result, content must be customized to address differences in language, culture and local business practices for each market. To address these complexities, companies must efficiently acquire and localize content from multiple sources, data formats and languages. Together, Rhythmyx Content Manager and GlobalSight System3 enable companies to acquire content from any source in any format and transform that content for any delivery mechanism. With the workflow capabilities in the Rhythmyx/System3 solution, multinational companies can effectively create and automate the global content approval process, including the translation of that content into multiple languages. All the linguistic, technical, organizational, and managerial challenges in overseeing multilingual, multicultural content are addressed, enabling businesses to successfully compete in the global marketplace.,